Wishing To Be Home This Christmas

Truly I am very anxious to go for a vacation in the Philippines especially this Holiday Season.  The Christmas and New Year celebration back home is, to me, incomparable.  Christmas in the Philippines starts in the month of September and lasts until the month of January the next year, when stores already display Holiday goods and people begins to shop for decorations as well as buying gifts for everybody in the family.  As soon as the month of September, Christmas songs are playing on the air.

I wish we have enough budget to cover the travel expenses of going home this Holiday Season.  Well, I guess we just have to wait for next year…hopefully.

Photo Greeting Cards Are Ready For Mailing

Man!  We are so behind with sending holiday cards this year.  Unlike the previous years, all of my Christmas greeting cards are sent second Monday of December.  We just had our portraits taken two days ago.  ‘So disappointed for being late.

Our holiday portrait was taken somewhere at a neighborhood next to ours.  I received a flyer from a photographer offering a photo shoot for the holidays.  We went there and good that we did not get lost.  The address was easy to find because of the clear directions.  The house numbers in that neighborhood are uniformed.  There is now way of confusion because the address plaques are easy to spot.  The photographer was very friendly and welcoming.  Even the ambiance of her yard is very warm.  She even have a couple of lawn plaques for her photography service sign and for the holiday greetings.

Now that our portraits were taken and the Holiday photo greeting cards are received, I will send these in the mail tomorrow.

Almost Got Lost In The Rain

Gosh!  The rain was bad last night.  My cousin and I, together with our little ones, went to Frisco yesterday afternoon to do some shopping.  It was a pleasant afternoon.  But when we were about to go home, the rain was pouring very hard.  Good thing I have an umbrella in my car.  What’s embarrassing was, we could’ve stayed dry if we waited about 10 minutes before getting in our cars because the rain turned into showers when we were pulling off the parking lot.

When I turned left to Hwy 121, I lost my cousin.  I thought I could still follow her despite of the rain and tight traffic.  But I did not.  We both did not bring our GPS with us.  As I continued driving and looking for a familiar road sign, I received a call from my cousin asking where I at.  I told her I already passed COIT.  She sounded horrified because she did not see COIT.  So she went the other way.  I told her to find a place where she can turn around to head North.