Beautiful Bathroom Vanity For My Dream Home

To me, staying in a hotel when on vacation makes me comfortable.  I like the feeling of being in a cozy and elegant hotel room especially if all the amenities are free and working well.

The first thing I check upon entering the hotel room is the bathroom.  Yes, I want to see how beautiful and clean the bathroom is.  Some hotels, like those with 3-star ratings have small bathroom vanities in their bathrooms which I find appealing too.  It does matter how the hotel rooms appears to me.  Cheap hotel rates and very good customer is a plus.

I am wishing that one day, I will have my dream house built and make everything in it look elegant as what I see in hotels.  I will make my bathroom the most beautiful are in the house.  Then I can shop for bathroom vanities at Bath Kitchen and Beyond store and see how they will look in my house.  Oh, I can dream right?

Thanks to Bath Kitchen and Beyond