Running Errands On a Chilly Cold Day

It is my little girl’s birthday today.  She turns 1!  Oh how time flies so fast.  I can still imagine how my pregnancy and labor went one year ago.  My husband and I are so proud of our little one.  She is growing smarter every day and always staying healthy.

We went to my baby’s wellness appointment today.  I thought she will not get any shots.  But I was wrong.  The doctor said they will give her four shots.  Oh dear!  My baby was given shots on her birthday.  But she’s fine.  We ran errands after the doctor’s visit.  It was very chilly and windy.  Good thing she was wearing a thick jacket and pants.

From the doctor’s appointment in Wylie, we drove all the way to Rockwall to pick-up something at Best Buy.  Then we stopped at Tom Thumb on our way home to order a birthday cake for the party this weekend.  I like driving but not on a cold chilly weather.

Great Time At The Christmas Party

There is so much fun in getting together.  I attended the Christmas party yesterday and it’s really nice to see everyone again.  I was able to meet new friends too.  Friends from Dallas and other neighboring cities came over to attend the party.  Some of them are bloggers too.  We were so busy eating and talking, catching up with one another.

Then a friend asked me how I do blogging.  She sounded interested.  I told her it is like sharing your own experiences in life or a specific agenda on the Internet.  Setting up a blog is not that complicated.  But it sure needs a lot of effort.  There is difference between a free-hosted blog and a self-hosted one.  At first, the newly created web blog can be self-hosted with a monthly or yearly due.  It is up to the blogger what web hosting service to acquire.  My recommendation is to search in web hosting directory so there will be choices for cheap hosting service.  A blogger needs to have a domain name-a unique web address or name for the web blog.  It either ends in a .com, .net, or .info extension.  Then a blogging platform is needed in building the web blog.  There is Blogger, WordPress, TypePad…and the like.  I am currently using WordPress on my blogs.  I have not encountered problems with it so far.

My friend was asking lots of questions about blogging.  She even forgot to eat her dinner.  Hahaha!  It was so exciting at the party.  We played games and danced a bit.  Also, we had the annual exchanging of gifts.  Before we left, she told me that she is interested to try blogging.  And I told her that she is welcome to ask me anything about it.  There is a web hosting guide that she can see for reference.

It was passed 8 P.M. when we left the hosts’ house.  The weather was still bad and driving in the rain, especially at night, needs a lot of caution.