I Was Not A Fan Of Dark Chocolate

I have a sweet tooth.  I cannot imagine myself leaving a restaurant after a big meal without ordering a chocolate dessert.  Yes I love chocolates.  My husband gives me a box of chocolate on special occasion always.  I remember when we were on vacation in Oklahoma and stayed in a very nice hotel, I ate all the chocolate bars (three bars in the fridge).  That was scary because I could have either an upset stomach or toothache, or both.

There was a time I collected chocolates.  I had a special compartment in our refrigerator where I put my chocolates in different sizes, packs, and labels.  Wherever I go, I’d buy a chocolate of different kind whenever there’s a chance.  However, I am never a fan of the dark chocolate.  Some say it has health benefits.  Well, maybe I have to start liking it now.  And I have to limit my sugar intake including the chocolates.