Wandering, Daydreaming, And “Me” Time

Today I went out by myself.  I had a “me” time.  My husband stayed home with the baby while I was doing my store visits in the mall.

While driving, I was day dreaming.  Yes, I admit it…but still watchful and careful.  I am so thankful for the opportunity that was given to me – to learn how to drive.  I have been driving my car for more than two years now.  And I am very satisfied with how it runs.  It does better with Shell gasoline.  I noticed that.

You know it feels nice to get out of the house by yourself once in a while.  Wandering around town or go to a spa helps you unwind.  In my situation, I need to or else I will be depressed.  As a full-time and first-time mother, everything changed.  My lifestyle, my travels, my schedules…everything.  And because of the high gas prices, I do not go out as often as before.  I only take my baby to the play area for at least once a week.  Other than that, we just stay at home.  So my husband and I talked about my “me” time.  He is not keeping me from going out.  Actually, he tells me “Go somewhere honey.  Get out of the house once in a while.  You need it so you won’t get nuts.”  My husband has a good sense of humor.  He’s so funny.

And so once every weekend on his day off, I go out.  Sometimes I meet up with friends and have a girls’ day out.   Then when I come home I feel much better.