Always Bring Your Driver’s License Wherever You Go

Have you experienced forgetting something very important while you are traveling or on vacation?  Do you remember how embarrassing that was?  Situations like that makes me want to pull my hair! It is not intentional but sometimes we forget to bring the following:  laptop/cell phone chargers, toothbrush, slippers, or even worse the identification card.

I admit that I am experiencing memory gaps now.  Here in the USA, the driver’s license or State Card is the major identification card.  There was a time when I went to the bank to get some money, I realized I was driving without my driver’s license.  I did not know until I pulled out my ATM card from my wallet.  What an *****!  And you know what?  That was not the first time.  I forgot my DL three times.  ‘So embarrassing!  I am lucky I haven’t pulled over by cops.

Now I am very careful.  Whenever I go out, I make sure my DL is always in my purse.  And if I had to change purses, my identification cards are the first ones to be placed in there.  My friendly adviceA is:  Always bring your DL with you wherever you go.