I Was Not A Fan Of Dark Chocolate

I have a sweet tooth.  I cannot imagine myself leaving a restaurant after a big meal without ordering a chocolate dessert.  Yes I love chocolates.  My husband gives me a box of chocolate on special occasion always.  I remember when we were on vacation in Oklahoma and stayed in a very nice hotel, I ate all the chocolate bars (three bars in the fridge).  That was scary because I could have either an upset stomach or toothache, or both.

There was a time I collected chocolates.  I had a special compartment in our refrigerator where I put my chocolates in different sizes, packs, and labels.  Wherever I go, I’d buy a chocolate of different kind whenever there’s a chance.  However, I am never a fan of the dark chocolate.  Some say it has health benefits.  Well, maybe I have to start liking it now.  And I have to limit my sugar intake including the chocolates.

Long Term Residency

It is wonderful to know  that we can find a place to stay while we are visiting a relative or a friend.  There are rental properties that can accommodate us.  Calgary rentals provide townhouses and apartments for long term residency.  As you know, they have available apartment complex in all parts of Calgary, Alberta.

To me, Falconcrest Village has the best location advantage.  It is close to the Calgary International Airport which I find ideal.  The monthly rental is cheaper for a 2-bedroom suite but one thing that may concern an occupant is the laundry area.

If you are a traveling for business or pleasure in Calgary for an extended period, or if you are assigned to work in the area, you can find affordable apartments or townhouses that fits your budget.

Black Friday Crowd In Stores

Oh wow!  As usual, the crowd is packed in line in front of the various retail stores nationwide for the Black Friday shopping.  My friend went to Walmart at 10 P.M. and it was the first time she went shopping for Black Friday.  She couldn’t believe how crowded the store is!

Then my MIL teased me about shopping at 4 A.M. because she saw me reading store ads on the papers.  Oh no!  I told her I will just shop online for the red satchel handbag that I saw a while back.  I was tired from the trip (we had Thanksgiving in Whitehouse) so I just sleep more.  Although I want to try going one morning to the Black Friday shopping, it would be nicer if I will do it next time.

I know stores are offering huge deals on electronics, appliances, clothing, accessories, toys…etc.  I want to upgrade my gadgets.  Ah!  So inviting.  But then again, there is still next time.