Gorgeous Red Coat

Oh look!  I already received the beautiful BCX coat I won from Chicgalleria.com’s giveaway.  Ain’t it gorgeous?  I chose red because I like the color.  BCX launched their Fall Winter Outerwear 2011 Collection.  And I am lucky to get one of their fashionable winter coats.  Now I have a new outerwear to take with me wherever I go in this chilly time of the year.

Got it in the mail today. Yay!
I have a new gorgeous red coat to wear during the cold season.
Showing off my new coat from BCX

Internet Security While Traveling

The Internet has been a part of my daily life since I learned to use a computer.  My day is not complete without checking emails, browse for online sales, and search for references.  Before, security in surfing the Internet was a concern for me.  My email account was hacked.  That made me miserable.  Gladly it did not go too far.  I changed my email account password immediately.  Now I have a secured Internet browsing service.

It is risky to surf the Internet, especially when you are traveling, without security.  In the airports, for example, we do not know if the network we are accessing is safe.  Users are vulnerable to hackers out there.  But Jumpto provides secure browsing service.  It enables Internet users to surf the Internet, check emails, and search for references with confidence because Jumpto provides solutions to secure the data in the lines of communication.

So now my online experience is safer and risk-free.

A Trip To Japan

Besides exploring the beautiful places in my homeland, I have been wishing to travel to Japan.  Why Japan?  When I was a teenager, I got fascinated with Japanese cartoon shows.  And some of my girl friends in college went to work in Japan.  Like them, I wanted to visit Tokyo, see the famous Mount Fuji, be mesmerized by the beauty of the Sakura blooms, and experience a ride in the bullet train.

When I worked in a travel agency ten years ago, I had hoped for a tour to Japan. But I was very impatient, I guess.  I left the company and looked for another job.  Still, Japan is one of the places I want to visit some time in the near future.  I need to work hard so this wish will come true.