A Wreck Can Happen In A Blink Of An Eye

On my way home from Plano yesterday, I almost had a crash with someone while attempting to switch lane on Hwy 78.  Cars were running 50 mph including mine and changing lanes should be done before reaching Walmart.

Whenever I want to change lanes, I always look above my shoulders to check my blind spots before putting the blinkers on.  That moment I had to go to the middle lane.  My blind spot was clear so turned blinker on.  A quick look on the road and  ready to take the middle lane a car was just an arm away right beside me as I looked quickly.  Out from nowhere, the car with it’s lady driver almost hit me.  That was really close! Whew! I jerked the steering wheel away from the middle lane in continuous speed because there were cars behind me.  I screamed a little but I did not panic.  I got home safely, thank God.

In a blink of an eye a wreck can happen if you are not watchful.  Driving is challenging.  We do not know what is going to happen when we are on the road.  We just have to be very careful and watchful.  Observe traffic signs and obey traffic rules.  Always check your blind spots before turning the blinker on.  Look again before changing lanes.  And most important, pray for guidance before hitting the road.