Easy Navigation Using A GPS

Simple and inexpensive traveling makes me happy.  A visit to a friend or a family’s house for a get-together means a lot to me.  I like good conversations and lots of talking…fun.

Driving is not a problem to me.  I am careful.  And because I own a Garmin Nuvi GPS or Global Positioning System, going places is easy as having a map.  A friend offered it to me since she was buying a new one.  I was so happy to have it.  The first time I used my GPS was when I went to the Hong Kong  Market in Grand Prairie.  It was a great experience because that was the first time I drove on I20 myself.  The GPS has a 5-inch screen.  It tells me where to turn or what lane to stay on.  A map shows on the screen highlighting the route in a pink shade.

Now I can go wherever I want.  With my Garmin GPS, I will not get lost.  I wonder if I can use this GPS in my country.