Enjoy A Short Vacation With Family This Summer Time

Summer is almost over.  The weather is starting to get cool.  The morning breeze feels good now.  First feeling of Fall is here.

I have a great summer so far.  Attending birthday parties and traveling for a short vacation makes me busy this season.  Truthfully, I love the summer because this the only season I can go swimming without chilling when I get off the water.

Whenever our family goes for a trip, the shortest time of stay in a hotel is three days.  We went to Oklahoma recently and I tell you that Choctaw Hotel has an elegant hotel.  The rooms are admirable and very accommodating.  We enjoyed swimming at the pool spa.  My daughter loved it.  It was her first swimming vacation.  I liked their pool because it is well-attended.  There is a big entertainment spot in the hotel premises.  As usual, we gave our ‘donation’.

We always plan our vacation ahead of time so that there will be no last minute problems.  At least once a year we travel and enjoy the summer time.