The Grammys

Contribution by German Flowers

The Grammys is a show that many people enjoy watching and is normally televised on the major networks. However, for many people do not realize why this show can be so important to watch. Once they know about why I enjoy watching the show, though, they could see that it can be the same reason that they watch the show as well. This show is often billed as the biggest night in music and that can hold true in most cases, but for me it is the biggest way that I can see the stars and hear some of my favorite songs right away.

Then to make it even better being able to see multiple stars at one time is something that I find even more enjoyable since I can watch them like I was in concert. However, if you do not have the proper surround sound system you could see that the sound is terrible at time, but with the proper sounds you could have the realistic feel that you want to have when you listen to music.

Watching music at its biggest night is a great thing to do. However, I know that for me watching the Grammy awards on my is a great thing and a wonderful way that I can watch all the action even some of the behind the scenes.