President’s Day Shopping

He couldn’t believe he’s off today. When he checked his employee calendar, President’s Day is on the list of non-working holidays. He does not remember that he had a day off on this day last year.

Well, anyway, my husband spend time with us today. He took us to the mall close to his office. As usual, our darling baby slept the whole time in the car. We had fun. Though he said, ‘everything hurts’ when he is in the mall, my husband enjoyed pushing our baby girl in the stroller while store hopping.

We shopped at Macy’s for some sleepwear for my baby. Then we went to Bath & Body Works and got a couple of home fragrance. It was a great shopping because there was an extra 30% off on top of 70% discount.

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3 thoughts on “President’s Day Shopping

  1. hi Vicy, I am doing fine. My baby is doing well too. Thanks sa comment and update. Hope to see you in FB too.


  2. Hello Ate Marly. Thanks for the drop by on my page. It's pretty late reply sorry. Btw, Wow you're a new mommy now. Congratulations! Please post some pics of your baby. Is it girl or boy? I have FB ate Marly. I'll add you


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