Fully Occupied

I did not even get a present for my husband’s birthday. All the delivery and nursery room preparation occupy me right now. I am not thinking of anything else but the arrival of our baby girl.

My online job is on a freeze temporarily because I cannot stay long hours in front of the computer. The things I only do online for now are checking emails and shopping for baby gears.

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Baby Shower II

Yesterday was my second baby shower. It was hosted by two of my girl friends in Plano. Although the weather did not cooperate, we still had a great time. My mother-in-law was there. Some of our friends weren’t able to come because of the heavy rains.

I got lots of cute gifts for my baby girl. My mother-in-law gave us a bedding set for the baby bed. One of the hostess gave a stroller. All of the gifts were nice. I love the baby clothes too.

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