Great Features And Easy Payments On Mobile Phones

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Lately, boredom struck me. Yes, I know. Staying at home with nothing much to do is boring. Good thing there is a mobile phone beside me. At any time, I can talk or text somebody (if available).

But with my mobile phone right now, I do not have data. Meaning, I do not have unlimited text in my phone. Whenever I receive or if somebody send me text messages, I have to pay for it. Lousy huh? Unfortunately, I am stuck with this celphone contract!

A friend just told me recently about Boost Mobile’s service. Boost Mobile offers phones with awesome features. They have unlimited talk and text nationwide for $ 50.00. Isn’t that something? Boost Mobile’s Blackberry phone, the popular handset right now, is equipped with interesting features that most of us will enjoy. Blackberry has a $ 60.00 monthly plan which includes unlimited in almost all phone features except international texting (text received is free, 10 cents/text sent), and international calls depend on international rates. Still, text received is free! The ability of this phone to connect with social media networks on the Internet is neat. Do you connect with your friends thru Social Networks using your phone? I would love to.

Paying for the monthly rates for a Boost Mobile phone is hassle-free. They call it Re-Boost program where a customer can pay in three ways: online, by phone, or in person. You can set up a worry-free payment so you do not have to think about due dates. Much easier right?

What do you think? Would this be something you would consider a benefit?

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