A Funny Gay

I am surprised one of my co-worker in the department store joined me while I am having lunch at the mall. He is funny and a very nice person. He is fun to be with. I guess gay guys are fun to be with. They never ran out of things to talk about. Though we often see each other at work before, we catch up whenever our lunch break is the same.

When I first saw him at work, I thought he’s a snob gay. But I was wrong when he greeted me and started to mingle with our other co-worker either outside of his department. And then I began to read articles on a gay blog to know more about their personalities.

Anyway, we talked for an hour and he told me how I am missed by the people in my department. That was nice.

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4 thoughts on “A Funny Gay

  1. Maybe that's why they are called Gay – always happy and fun to be with.. (just my own definition, lol )

  2. You know, most of my friends at work used to be gay people. I just find (and no offense here) that they are easy to get along with than the female. Females have this kind of pride in the air, like "I'm cooler than you" kind of thing, and if not comparative of each other the "I'm prettier than you" kind of stuff, while gay men likes to live at peace and they are just plain jolly most of the time. ^____^

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