Stress And Fatigue Are Not Welcome

It is kinda busy at work today. Lots of merchandise to ship out…lots of lifting and walking to do. But I am not stressing myself out. Especially now I have to be very careful in the workplace. Stress and fatigue are not welcome. Staying healthy is highly important. Health is wealth.

This is one of my greatest goals. Now it is here, I will take very good care of myself. I told my two co-employees in customer service about the good news. They are happy for me.

Everybody is sending their congratulatory greetings. Yes, I am expecting.

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3 thoughts on “Stress And Fatigue Are Not Welcome

  1. hoyyyyyyyyy preggy na diay u wa man lang ka gasaba saba… congrats babay nana jud unya kay mag uha uha diha..

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