It’s A Sudden Thing

Had a very bad day at work. My headache’s killing me. It is a sudden thing. I do not know…after I ate lunch, I started feeling weird when I get back to work. Ugh! I hate it when my body is not in it’s 100% well.

I appreciate my work mate K for closing for me. I really couldn’t make it until 9:30 this evening. My stomach really feels weird and I cannot do anything until I get home.

We cannot focus on our job if we are not feeling well. It is better to go home and take a rest than continue our shift and be miserable. But, of course, we need to talk to our boss about the situation.

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One thought on “It’s A Sudden Thing

  1. Wlang galing sa trabaho pag ang katawan na ang ulmalma. So, we should take care our body.

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