Alone On Valentine’s Day

Yes you read it right. I am alone on Valentine’s Day…at work. My co-associates in customer service are off. Well, C is on a one week vacation with her husband (they are in Louisiana). And K is on a day off. I am swamp but I am doing well in my job, as always 🙂

My big boss said, “how did it happen you are by yourself on a Sunday and Valentine’s Day? But I see you handle everything well. That’s good!”

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6 thoughts on “Alone On Valentine’s Day

  1. @ lolit
    well, I am a loner. I enjoy being alone but not for long. in the workplace, you do not want to be alone if the job is stressful.

    @ jenie
    it's just for that day. my two co-associate request Feb. 14 off so I have no choice but to work alone.

    @ marianne
    I am sorry to hear that. Maybe we deserve a cheers? 🙂

    @ MrsMartinez
    But it was just on that day 🙂

    @ Ria
    Aww, that's not nice. But I bet next time everything will go as planned.


  2. I didn't even have any Valentine's celebration…huhuhuhu… We canceled our trip to Los Angeles where my relatives are last week. We were supposed to have a nice Valentine's day and drive to Lake Tahoe…haaayyy. Better luck next time na lng…

  3. Valentine's is just the usual day. Nothing special…. Coz i'm also alone that day… LOL

  4. don't worry you're not really alone in it…instead be glad that you are just "temporarily alone" and not ALL THE TIME like most 😉

  5. sometimes it's sad to be alone, but sometimes it is also a blessing bec. this is a time for retrospection.

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