Power Issues In The Workplace Due To Bad Weather

We almost closed early last night because of the power issues at work. The electricity went off for like three times between seven and eight o’clock last night. The floors were totally dark every time the lights are going off. Shoppers were still in the store. Security precautions were tightly observed.

I was by myself working last night in customer service. As the power was fluctuating, several phones in some areas stopped functioning for awhile too. Only two managers were on duty and they’re on pressure. But they handled everything well because of good communication and coordination.

Power outages might be caused by the heavy snowfall since yesterday. And that is right because we have no electricity since 1 A.M. today! The news said that trees and their branches fell down on power lines. And about 180,000 people in DFW are affected with this power outage. That includes us.

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