Extended Hotel Stay

Well, what can I say? As soon as get off from work last night, I headed straight to my apartment to pack things up. My husband booked a reservation in a hotel nearby our place. We needed to find a place to stay for, at least, a night because the power is still out. We need to get hot water for the next day, which is today and I have to go to work early. That is why he got a hotel room for us. It’s a convenient hotel for travelers and overnight guests like us because the room has its own kitchen sink. It also has a small stove top, and I think it is cool.

We checked out early because my husband said the electricity in our apartment is back when he stopped by this morning.

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2 thoughts on “Extended Hotel Stay

  1. Tamang tama naman at valentine's day, hope you and your hubby are having a great one mare.

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