How Positive And Negative Criticism Can Help You Become More Efficient

Criticism is just normal in a workplace. Positive criticism should be taken as they are and negative criticism should be taken as a challenge so we can improve ourselves more, and let our colleagues (especially the critics) see how effective and efficient we are in our jobs. By taking these negative criticisms in a positive way, we make ourselves more enthusiastic in doing our job. What matters is that, we have a good job record. This way we continue to strive and reach for our ambition to succeed.

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5 thoughts on “How Positive And Negative Criticism Can Help You Become More Efficient

  1. @ Euroangel
    Really? well, that's a very long vacation 🙂 Miss you too. Hope you have a safe trip back to Germany.

    @ Laikka, jason
    thank you. this post is one of my motivation 🙂

    @ Yen
    people like them are just being so inconsiderate. their criticism sometimes hurts but it helps you become more confident to believe in yourself to do better.


  2. Yeah right, been hearing negative criticism about me in my workplace and I owe them my sucess, haha. It just show how some insecure do that to pull down others that have potentials but in the end their still LOSER 🙂

  3. I agree marlns… very well said here! thanks for posting this full of lessons!

    god bless!

  4. Indeed, negative criticism is a big challenge.. Thanks for dropping on my blog.. 🙂

  5. nice post sis…naa pa ko sa pinas…will be backed to europe soon…sorry kaayo ha..talagasa ra maka online…unya hinay pa jud kaayo linya diri…tc..missyah!

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