Learning More One At A Time

Slow. That’s what it is at work right now. The holiday shopping is over. There is no extra sale going on at the store except new markdowns on Fall/Winter items.

Since it is not busy at our department right now, we take the chance to check on supplies stock. Then we start preparing gift wraps for Valentine’s Day. I am trying to learn everything one at a time in the department.

On the other hand, I heard there will be an event coming. I hope customers will come at the store and join. That would be a very busy week for us in customer service. In addition, audit period is in the next few weeks. That’s hard work right there.

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3 thoughts on “Learning More One At A Time

  1. @ ria
    so we become more efficient and productive at work.

    @ MaxiVelasco
    yea, after Jan. 1, the Valentine's gift wrap is up 🙂


  2. Hello Marly! For sure! Valentine's day is up and coming. It's going to be a very busy February.

    Have a great day!

  3. agree. it has to be one at a time. must be sustainable… so that lessons mark on our heads.

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