Wonderful Time Of The Year For Shoppers

I seldom go shopping. But whenever I do, it really makes me feel good especially when the things I am buying are on huge sale.

Yesterday was a typical shopping day for me. A leading department store had an extra sale on their permanently reduced stocks. They do it every first day of the new year, putting all reduced items to an extra 50% off. What a wonderful time of the year for shoppers like me huh? 🙂

Though I worked yesterday, I still got the chance to shop for merchandise that I need for myself, my husband, and my home. My manager gave us (customer service associates) permission to take turns to shop whenever we are not busy.

I was keeping an eye for this Dooney & Burke handbag since Christmas. It was half-price off of $129.00. Then we were told that an extra sale will be on New Year’s Day. So I waited, doubting the handbag will still be on the floor. I was lucky to get it for $ 25.00 (with my store discount taken off). It was the only one remaining on the rack too. A ladies watch caught my eye also. This Fossil purple leather strap watch was only $ 15.00 from its original $ 80.00 price.

Then I bought my husband three Roundtree and York shirts for $ 7.00 each. He likes them. Christmas decor and accessories were on sale too, and still on-going. For my kitchen, I bought this clear holiday platter with embossed poinsettia flowers for $ 2.50, and an outfit for my nephew for $ 15.00. My shopping time yesterday was short because we closed at 6:00 P.M. Oh well, huge sale will always be on in the store.

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