How Dedicated Are You?

As time goes by, I am getting more dedicated to my job as a customer service associate. Though working on weekends cannot be avoided, I had to accept the fact that I am in retail. Learning new things everyday helps me get acquainted with parts of day to day operation of the company.

Doing my best, to help customers on completing their transactions and answering inquiries, is not just a job. It is more than that. Because working in customer service, customers’ satisfaction should always be in mind.

How about you? Do you love what you are doing? How dedicated are you to your job?

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2 thoughts on “How Dedicated Are You?

  1. @ minnierunner
    as long as you do your job right and follow company rules, there is no problem. working hard and loving it is dedication.


  2. Whew! That's a tough question! As for me, as long as my work is not hindering the time that I had to share with my family, I will surely love my work. Performance-wise, I am seeing to it that I will be delivering what is expected of me.

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