Beautiful Memories Make Souvenirs Really Special

Vacation is not complete if there is no bring home stuff. I mean, buying souvenirs in gift shops is not always the last part of the trip, right? Whenever we see something unique and interesting, we do not think on buying it immediately…especially if we find it very affordable.

I love getting souvenirs for my family and friends. Depending on the budget, I would like buy everything for them as much as possible. My sisters loves getting keychains made from other places. Me? I love collecting stuffed toys and pillows. Some people likes handmade souvenirs. There is something in these mementos make them really special. I know, it’s the beautiful memories.

A friend who just came back from Australia got herself a couple of stuffed koala. Oh they are just so huggable. She said she found those very cheap in Australia souvenirs shop. I was just so shy to ask one from her 🙂 Bookmark and Share Stumble Upon Toolbar Review My Post