What’s Best For Babies?

There is going to be a baby shower party tonight. W, One of the girls in Estee Lauder, will be having a baby girl. Everyone she knows are invited. I am not sure if I can attend because I will work until closing tonight.

At the break room (on a lunch break), we were talking about her plan when the baby comes out. W still having second thoughts if she will breastfeed or get a baby formula. She strongly agrees to the breastfeeding idea, but she worries about the time for her baby. Her option of getting a baby formula is on top of her head.

An associate said to W something about baby formula saving. Instead of buying expensive formulas, the alternative to this Parent’s Choice Infant Formula. Not only this is very affordable but also, it has the same nutritional value like those expensive formulas sold in the grocery stores. Most working mothers are giving their babies formula. But if she really wants to breastfeed her baby, that would be great. Breastfeeding is best for babies up to two years. It helps boost and strengthen babies’ immune system. There is no question with that. I do not have either because I agree with it.

W will be getting a lot of advice on that tonight at the party. Gee, have not bought something for the baby yet. Might work on it during my lunch break.

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Vacation Period

I guess October is the vacation period at work. I heard a couple employees have gone, still on, and going to a vacation…including myself. My husband and I will be on the plane soon. The girl from customer service is on vacation in San Antonio. The manager from women’s department is going out-of-state, I think, for a vacation. W said she will going to miss us. And she said she will not see me until November (she knows about me going home for a vacation for three weeks).

When I was shopping around (off the clock) at my favorite ladies clothing area, I heard chats from the girls there.

“Ms. W will be on vacation.”
“Oh my God, now what shall we do?”
“We should behave.”


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