Improving Selling Skills

Look what I got! A cooking pot full of goodies 🙂 I won it from the last month’s contest-selling Godiva products at work. It is a part of the home department’s promotion on Godiva chocolates. The home manager said that Customer service department can participate in the contest since customers come to our area to buy Godiva.

I was not expecting the first prize to be mine. In the first two weeks of the contest, the guy from men’s department was leading the list of top sellers. I did not even saw my name in the list. But one morning, when I was scheduled to open, a customer bought a couple of truffles. Then I started to get more sales in a couple of days. By the end of August, the final list of top sellers. I was stunned because my name is first in the list of top sellers. Well, I just did my job. I offer Godiva to gift wrap customers, and even to the children who come look around in Customer Service area. This is another way of improving sales as well as my selling skills, huh. I am liking it. You might ask why there are fragrances and body essentials in the gift. The home and cosmetics department partnered for the contest.

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13 thoughts on “Improving Selling Skills

  1. @ Anne
    I am trying to open your blog but your profile is not shared so I cannot check on you. Hope you'll fix it for me 🙂

    @ ruby, shy, analou, ghe, russ, eden
    thank you so much! yea, they're all nice. I love 'em.

    @ analou
    promotion? It is my goal 🙂


  2. CONGRATULATIONS.Ü That's a lot of nice goodies. I'm sure you super deserve all the goodies. No girl would say no to cosmetics and beauty essentials. Hehe.

  3. Congratulations! You did a good job. Although you have the thoughts of winning the prize but it seems before the contest is over that you are not on the top of the list and yet you never give up. You deserve it! Continue doing a great job even without a prize and one of this day, a big prize with be yours……PROMOTION! Keep it up!

  4. @ burn
    thanks for the compliment. I just did my best to get some sales so I can help the department.
    I love my goodies though 🙂


  5. sis marl… kindly ibilin sa akong blo gupod ang imung mga links wala pa nako na add..

    Oi Godiva user diay ka? I am using Godiva before…. naa man na sila daghan products like cream and soap hehehe…

    Daghan ana naa sa basket. Batuhi ko dire sis..hehe!

  6. WOw! buti ka pa sis, nanalo ka and you deserve it naman. Ako, nagstart palang mangbinta ng mga products.. Maganda yng tactics mo sis. I will follow it. hehehe

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