Good Insurance Benefits

Well, the dental appointment was canceled because of the dentist’s unexpected vacation schedule. So I just had my eyes checked (my husband’s too) yesterday. We arrived home late from a very enjoyable place the other night so, we were still sleepy during the check up. But we did it.

I am working on the computer a couple of hours a day and I also have glare problems. So the doctor recommended a reading eyeglasses. My husband, on the other hand, will have bifocals.

My husband has a very good insurance benefits at work. He is on VSP for optical insurance. And on our eye check up, we just payed $20.00 for the copay. And for both of our eyeglasses, the insurance have it fully covered. Wonderful right?

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4 thoughts on “Good Insurance Benefits

  1. @ chubsculit,
    very convenient talaga ang insurance. we really had a good one.

    @ ruby
    my husband and I were very happy with the coverage. very cheap out-of-pocket payment lang.
    the postcards were sent months ago ruby. i hope they won't get lost in the mail. we had problems with the mails last month. two of our check payments did not cleared. i just hope they will get to the recipient very soon.
    the postcards should reach you any time soon.


  2. good news na Sis..having insurances are always good..thanks for the visit..ask lang pud ko. murag niingon man ka sometime in June ba or july that you already sent the postcards…wa pa man niabot..curious lang kay katingalahan man gud…regards ninyo!

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