What Happened To The Vending Machines?

The vending machines at work are gone. An employee came to the customer service and asked, “What happened to the vending machines?”

“They’re gone. They took them this morning.”, I answered. “I heard we are having new vendors.”

“When?”, she asked again. “I do not know.” I answered back.

“Oh my God, we need ’em.”, she said. ” I know.”, I replied.

I heard that the new vendor’s vending machines will come in a week or two. Vending machines are convenient for snacks are just a couple of coins away.

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Few months ago I renewed the domain name of my blog. This is the first year of my blogging. I enjoy it very much. Besides making money online, meeting new friends and bloggers who lives in different parts of the world is amazing.

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Earning money in blogging is a side income for me. Though I am working full time right now, I still have time to accommodate the task assigned to me.

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Success On The Challenge

Success!!! I passed the driving/road test this morning. After failing Wednesday last week for bad left turns, I did them today real good. Woohoo! Plus, my parallel parking went well after practicing hard for an hour yesterday.

Now I can drive by myself going to and from work. Also I can drive and have lunch with my husband.

Another challenge is successfully done. I am so proud of myself for passing the road test. Driving is a continuous learning process. I know, I need to work on my control more. Becoming a good driver needs the right attitude and discipline.

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