Anxious For The Trip

My oh my! September is almost here. I am more and more anxious as our trip is getting closer. Few weeks to go and we are flying back home 🙂

I told my manager that I will be on vacation in October. I will be gone for three weeks. This travel is very important to us because my husband promised my family that we will be back this year. I will not be lonely on the plane because I am flying with my honey this time 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Anxious For The Trip

  1. @ karen
    thank you karen. surely we will enjoy the vacation 🙂

    @ irish
    really? wow that's wonderful! i hope you get the chance to travel there too.


  2. aww have a great trip my daughter just got back from the phills last month and had a great time

  3. @ ghe, russ
    thanks for the kind words. I am praying for a beautiful weather and a safe travel. Traveling alone is boring too. Good thing my husband and I are going home together.


  4. Have a good and safe trip.Ü I don't like being alone in a flight … mejo sad sya.Ö

  5. @ filipina
    I hope I can bring some binagol when I come back. thanks for the wish 🙂 It is going to be a very enjoyable vacation.


  6. mharms,, pagdara binagol sa amerika pagbalik mo..hehehe..
    well, I wish you happy trip! sarap magbakasyon sa pinas.I know sobrang miss mo na talga family circle mo….
    God bless!

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