Being Overly Sweet Leads To Shame Sometimes

I thought it’s her birthday. Well, I saw in her schedule she wrote “B-Day” on the 18th, Tuesday, and she will be off that day. So what I did was I bought something from Things Remembered, one of the novelty shops in the mall. I forgot to ask and clarify things again so I thought it’s her birthday.

The gift was wrapped Monday and the package pass was on her name. When she worked closing with me, I greeted her. She said, “It is not my birthday. It is L’s birthday, there is not enough space to write her name. I put B-Day so I won’t forget.”

Shame on me. The ‘Need a moment?’ line in a Twix commercial suddenly popped up in my mind. Being overly sweet leads to shame sometimes. Curious about the gift? I brought it home Tuesday. I will just give it to her in November.

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3 thoughts on “Being Overly Sweet Leads To Shame Sometimes

  1. @ Karen
    I will give it to her in November 🙂

    @ Icy BC
    thanks. yea, we cannot avoid making mistakes. It is a cute gift so I hope she will like it 🙂


  2. lol! hmmm you can still give it to her as advance birthday gift instead. heehee

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