I Love Checking The Mail

While on my way home from work, I never fail to stop by the mailbox and check the mail. I am telling you I love checking the mail even if sometimes we get bills which we termed as ‘bad news’ 🙂 But I noticed our mailbox is getting worn out. My husband looked at it and said he might get a new one but not right now.

Residential Mailboxes are used at homes in neighborhoods everywhere. These mailboxes can be in different styles according to type or home theme. On the other hand, commercial mailboxes can be seen in all apartment complex. You can check online for designs that you might think will match your home style.

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Dentist Appointment Letter Needed To Get My Work Schedule Done

My boss is back from a week’s vacation. As usual, we at the customer service will submit our day off requests so she can start doing our work schedules for September when she arrives to work tomorrow. My request might be delayed for submission because I need to figure out what day next month is my dentist appointment. I forgot. And the appointment letter from my dentist is nowhere to be found. The thing is, I will call him tomorrow to ask for the date. Ugh! Where is that letter???

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