A Way To Relax From A Busy Work

Being busy makes the time pass quickly. We always look forward to the time when we have to clock out at six o’clock in the evening and go home. What a great feeling to come home and eat dinner with the family.

It was a very busy day for me at work yesterday. Since we are having a huge sale, sales associates come to the customer service to make change all the time. Customers pay their credit card bills so they can use their card to shop and earn more points. We also had a lot of mail outs mostly from the home are department.

When I got home, my husband baked a whole chicken and he made some dirty rice. He also bought wine for me. The food was good and the wine too. I seldom drink wines but the one my husband bought me is good. He said he heard a lot of wine reviews that mentioned the wine brand. Drinking wine once in a while helps my body relax in the evening. But I only drink those with high wine grades. If I have to recommend a food for wine pairing, I should say chicken is good. How about you? What is your way of relaxation?

Oh by the way, I love it when my husband prepares food for me 🙂

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2 thoughts on “A Way To Relax From A Busy Work

  1. I agree. I sometimes eat and have wine while listening to the music in my room.


  2. ya,,some times for a while we must forget what usually we do every day..,recharge our body and review our goal live in this world

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