Not Untill We Have The Tickets In Our Hands

The schedule of our travel is final. Where? Secret 🙂 I will tell you when we have the air tickets in our hands. Right now, my husband and I are shopping for pasalubong (gifts) to bring along with us. But we are still figuring out which luggage to carry. He has a Hartmann luggage style. I have an extra large Briggs and Riley luggage style which I bought from home. It is REALLY huge.

Anyway, we still have time to decide. There is no rush. Maybe the thought of buying a Tumi luggage before we go is an option. Though I am excited about this vacation, I have to keep quiet until, like I said, we have the tickets in our hands.

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New Store Membership

‘Got a new store membership at Sam’s. We signed up yesterday, after buying a couple of kids’ toys at garage sales. Our membership from the other store has ended two months ago and my husband does not feel like getting a renewal. He just wants something new.

The first thing we bought was a box of razors, for my husband. We can really save money from these razors. Also, a bulk of bathroom papers and paper towels can last months of use. Is it not wonderful? Plus, Sam’s has many variety of products to choose from compare to the store once we were a member of.

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