Keeping Secured

It has been a wonderful day at work today. We are having an extra discount on permanently reduced priced merchandise. Customers came, shopped here and there. I went to lunch late because we were very busy at the customer service department. I brought my lunch and, as usual, I headed to the break room. I saw two lockers standing close to the snacks vending machine. There was a note saying that the lockers will be replaced next week. I wonder where did the other associates put their bags. Hmm..none of my business.

Using a locker is safe because you can keep your things while working in the store. You do not have to worry about your belongings’ security. Besides retail companies, educational institutions also have a safe place for their employees’ or students personal belongings. School lockers are very convenient for the students. I never used a school locker before because I have had to pay 🙂 I did not like it. And my school just had wooden lockers. But the wooden locker was durable though.

At my work today, we have steel lockers. I did not use one because I do not want to go in and out of the break room. We just have our purses kept in the gift wrap section at the back of the customer service area.

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Watch Your Budget When You Are On A Vacation

There are many souvenir shops at SeaWorld. I bought a white hat from there because the heat was killing me. And wearing a hat helped cool my head from being over exposed to the sun. Hats are all over the gift shops at SeaWorld. They also sell stuffed toys like dolphin, shark, sea lion, whale, etc. There are also stores all over the place that sells men and women swimwear, shirts and shorts, summer handbags and flip flops, toys and other accessories. Of course, food stands are everywhere too. But I have to tell you, the prices are kind of…let me say…beyond our budget. The parking fee? $20 per day. Well, it is fun to be there so it does not matter, I think.

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