Best Western Budget Suite Rooms

My husband bought us three nights accommodation in Best Western Hotel located in Commerce Street, San Antonio (few blocks to the Alamo and Riverwalk). They offered a discounted rate since he booked early before our trip.

Best Western Hotel has suite rooms. And each room has elegant furniture and fixtures. Also, inside these rooms are soft, comfy beds and sofas. Everything in the rooms are well-organized. The bathroom is neat and clean, the towels were folded in a very artistic way, the water pressure in the shower is great, and the bath supplies? They are provided by Bath & Body Works. Cool, right?

So if you will buy an accommodation for your vacation in San Antonio, choose Best Western. Their rates are within your budget and the buffet breakfast is very affordable.

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Are You The Star Of The Game?

We were very exhausted when we arrived at the hotel in San Antonio. To relieve ourselves from the boring but stressful drive, we stayed up for like 30 minutes watching tv.

Since it is the weekend, as usual, my husband watched poker tournament on television. He likes watching poker. Actually, he know how to play it. Sometimes he goes online to play poker on the weekends at home. There is one website he visits regularly where he can play with poker stars for great challenge. They give pokerstars bonus to players who gets to the final tournament. Then there is a poker stars bonus code which players enter to move ahead to the game. If you are a new player, pokerstars marketing codes are provided for you to share with the Website how did you hear about poker. Remember, you should be responsible and mature to play.

Vacation: Visiting SeaWorld

I am on a three-day vacation. Our trip to San Antonio to visit SeaWorld started last night. I drove from Fort Worth to Georgetown. My honey had the wheels until we arrived San Antonio nearly two o’clock in the morning. We agreed to start traveling soon as I got home from work yesterday. We had dinner at Denny’s before we hit the road.

Traveling at night is kind of boring because of the darkness around you. But there is no room for errors on the road. I had lots of wheel wiggling but I gained my focus back. We have to be always in control of the steering wheel.
Thank God we had a safe travel last night. This visit to SeaWorld will be treasured.

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