Moving Because Of Job Relocation

A friend from work just found a new place to live in here in Fort Worth. Actually, her new place is a few miles from the store too. The new apartment complex she will live in is located in Granbury. The monthly rent is more affordable than the previous apartment she had, and the grocery store is close by.

Actually, she is from California. Before she came to Texas, she had been through lots of moving because of job relocation. Contacting moving companies became easy for her. The Internet was her best friend during those days. She got a free moving quote at any time online.

This time my friend is happy with the new apartment she found. Any day next week the movers will bring her stuff to her new home.

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Father’s Day Gift

It is Father’s Day. I bet everybody was very busy shopping for gifts for Dads yesterday. It was pretty much busy for us in the customer service at work yesterday. A bunch of gift wraps from customers arrived until eight o’clock in the evening. Good thing we were two on duty for the night shift.

What I got for my father? I bought him a bottle of men’s fragrance from Calvin Klein. Since I have discount benefit in the store, I used my store credit card to purchase a perfume for him. I am very much sure my father will like the gift I bought.

Happy Father’s Day Tatay!

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