Bachelorette Party After Work

I am going to a party. Yes , tonight. My associate at work is getting married before the end of this month and she will be having a bachelorette party this evening. I attended a simple bachelorette party back home before. But this is still new to me because it is here in the US. I guess it will be more fun and exciting…I do not know.

While at our girls’ day out yesterday with my friends, I bought her a gift for the party. The gift is something she and her fiance can definitely use everyday 🙂

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A Day Of Wandering Downtown

After weeks of hard work, me and my friends’ day off have met at last. N, D, and myself agreed to meet at the mall to have girls’ day out. I had no idea that N will bring her car because her husband usually drives it to work. But that’s a good thing for us. Since we decided to go store hopping after we ran a few errands, N was the driver of the day. We bought some women’s clothes for a very low price in Downtown Fort Worth.

You know, it was fun to be with friends. We should hang out with them sometimes. Getting together with my girl friends (workmates or not) makes me feel cheerful. Friends’ companionship brings warmth in the heart and relaxation to the mind.

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A Part Of The Double Celebration

Here’s a couple of photos taken on Mother’s Day in Tyler. We went to the Rose Garden and toured for about an hour. Our visit at the garden was a part of the double celebration…Mother’s Day and our wedding anniversary (April). It was so wonderful to be back to the place where we had our holy matrimony a year ago. Though work is keeping me busy right now, I schedule out-of-town trips (including Tyler) at least once a month on my days off.

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