Mother’s Day Weekend

The two-day off I had was awesome. Good timing because it was the Mother’s Day weekend. As planned, we went to Tyler Saturday. I drove from Nevada to the Loop in Tyler. That was a great driving practice for me on a highway. Plus, my foot is starting to maintain the speed limit on the road. That afternoon, my sister-in-law and kids came to see us and we had a big supper (prepared by mother-in-law). You know this occasion is a good idea for family reunions too.

Sunday was a beautiful hot day. Together with my husband’s parents, we went to church, had a buffet lunch at Sue’s Cafe, and visited the Rose Garden. It was wonderful to smell the roses in the garden again. The place is memorable because we had our wedding there.

Even if I am busy with work right now, there are two or three days off for me to enjoy traveling wherever I want to.

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