Job Performance Review Rating

I had my first job performance review at work this year. My manager got me in a closed door review. She is very pleased with the way I work as a Customer Service Associate. She said I am hardworking, works professionally, and knows what I am doing in the counter. And the store manager gave a good compliment on how well I do the in-store announcements. I feel great about that.

My manager explained how the rating goes for the employees (FAIR, VERY GOOD, SATISFACTORY). She did not rate me as FAIR because she said I deserve a higher rating. ‘Not as SATISFACTORY because the manager believed that there is a room for improvement in everyone. So she rated me as VERY GOOD. My manager said that I am one of her best customer service employee, which made me remember the auditor once told me that I am the best customer service they had for years. I am so happy. These good rating and recognition gives me more motativation to do my job well. Of course, the good news was shared with the family.

Job performance review is a way of evaluating employees pertaining to their work assignment and work environment. This also the basis whether an employee deserves a salary raise or incentive. And speaking of incentive, my manager gave me a gratis (summer bag) because I am so good, she said.

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