Two Days Off

‘Got the first Saturday and Sunday of the month for my days off. I worked six days straight last week and I am ready for a wonderful relaxation in Tyler. We are going out of town.

But before we head to Tyler, my husband and I visited the renters at the house in Nevada. The couple was at home when we got there. My husband checked the house for leaks (heavy rains poured last week). He was also asked to check the blinds in the living room and in the bathrooms. Everything’s great inside. The renters have plenty of furniture though. The bathroom enclosure looks new and pretty. I wish we have an underfloor heating 🙂

Well, it was great to see and talk with the renters again.

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Job Performance Review Rating

I had my first job performance review at work this year. My manager got me in a closed door review. She is very pleased with the way I work as a Customer Service Associate. She said I am hardworking, works professionally, and knows what I am doing in the counter. And the store manager gave a good compliment on how well I do the in-store announcements. I feel great about that.

My manager explained how the rating goes for the employees (FAIR, VERY GOOD, SATISFACTORY). She did not rate me as FAIR because she said I deserve a higher rating. ‘Not as SATISFACTORY because the manager believed that there is a room for improvement in everyone. So she rated me as VERY GOOD. My manager said that I am one of her best customer service employee, which made me remember the auditor once told me that I am the best customer service they had for years. I am so happy. These good rating and recognition gives me more motativation to do my job well. Of course, the good news was shared with the family.

Job performance review is a way of evaluating employees pertaining to their work assignment and work environment. This also the basis whether an employee deserves a salary raise or incentive. And speaking of incentive, my manager gave me a gratis (summer bag) because I am so good, she said.

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