Credits and Rewards

Working in retail needs patience and good public relations or PR. If you do not have the patience, you will easily get irritated with arrogant customers. And if you lack PR, you will not get enough sales for the merchandise you are selling or worse, none at all. Sales people are persistent too. They do not give up until the sales goal is achieved. And when they do, credits and rewards are given to their account.

Employees need to be rewarded for their effort and loyalty in companies they are working in. In this way, they will get more motivated to work harder for the benefit of both parties. Like what Teresa C. said in her article entitled ‘It Is Really Important To Reward Employees’,

“Employees respond well to incentives for good performance and to recognition for doing especially good work. Employers should not ever forget this if they want great performance from their employees. “

She has a good point. Employees and ordinary workers get more motivated when they receive incentives or appreciation for the job well done. Teresa has emphasized that these incentives are not necessary expensive. Bonus, plaque of recognition, or employee performance credits in the 201 file, are good example of practical incentives. Many companies go for bonuses since employees need financial means for their families. Teresa C.’s article opens our minds to reward employees’ hard work whatever field they are in. And sales employees deserve it too.

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