Entrecard Paid Ads

Two days in a row I noticed that I have a ton of pending paid ads in my Entrecard. What does it mean? I am confused. Besides regular EC advertisers, I also get paid ads? Will I get something from this? I mean will Entrecard pay me for the slots I am giving to the paid ads?

I surfed the Internet to look for answers and here is what I found. I will just mention the main thing here:

Entrecard is doing this paid ad thing to help sustain its growing network. Meaning EC needs money to pay for hosting and things like that.

I understand their purpose. But I have concern about this. What will happen if I will reject a paid ad? And if possible, will bloggers get a portion of the payment? Just asking. Of couse we all want to earn online right? If you have something in mind, please share.

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3 thoughts on “Entrecard Paid Ads

  1. Hi Marly.. i am still confused over this entrecard new lounge but i just accepted all the penging ads, and just came to know whats it about!!

    I came over to let you know that you’ve got some awards and tags waiting for you, on my latest two posts, on my blog.. please take them as you are free and thanks in advance 🙂

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