Super…Hyper…I Am The Best!

Sunday. I was working double time because I was all by myself at the Customer Service. I thought K is working with me but she did not show up. I was not sure if she called our manager this afternoon.

Anyway, I was like I drank an energy drink. I was in a super and hyper condition while working on my tasks. Though I am really used to work in a stressful environment, I did not expect the rush today. Good thing there is N, our cashier, who helped me with the switchboard while I was wrapping packages. N said I am the best Customer Service they had for years. Of course my heart is happy! I am so thankful.

I got everything caught up until the closing time. What is cool is that the managers assisted me with the closing procedures. Ugh! What a tough day. But then, they said I am wonderful and it makes me feel great.

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3 thoughts on “Super…Hyper…I Am The Best!

  1. @ Tey
    blogging helps sometimes 🙂

    @ shawie
    thanks shawie. it’s really makes me feel great knowing people appreciate my effort.

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