Filing Our Taxes

We had an appointment with the tax preparer this evening. We brought all our W-2’s, Form 1099, and other documents required for the tax filing preparation. Before anything else, my husband asked how much the service cost would be. The lady said it will range from $300-$325 dollars. The rate is so high than he was expected.

I do not know how the tax filing here in the USA is done. All I know is that every income has to be reported to the IRS (Internal Revenue Service). There are plenty of forms to fill-out. I do not think the rate the lady gave us is reasonable enough. We did not take it. Instead, we asked for a suggestion to where we can save more. The lady suggested to buy a software which helps do the taxes. It can save us money. So we went to a grocery store (which the lady recommended) and bought the software.

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Do Not Let RA Bring You Down

Waking up in the morning is a little bit uncomfortable to me because I feel my fingers are sore whenever I try to curl them. And I noticed my knuckle joints are starting to swell particularly on very hot and cold weather days. Is this a symptom that I have arthritis? Oh no! They said I do.

I am not sure if Rheumatoid Arthritis is hereditary but my aunt back home has it. She was taking medications years ago. In my situation now, I am trying to take advantage of Enbrel, a prescription medicine for treating moderate arthritis. The proper dosage works and it does not give me any bad feeling. If a person is not allergic to any medications at all, there is no problem taking Enbrel. I get moody when I feel my fingers’ swell because my physical activities are limited. For example, I cannot work on my computer for long periods, which I need to because there are things to work online…like typewriting.

The best thing to do for those who have arthritis is to be aware of the helpful information on treatment development. Medical professionals are doing their best to provide us with the effective cure. I must say that medicine in commercials today are of good advantage in public information. But if by chance I will be in a commercial, my message line would be “Stand up! Do not let arthritis bring you down.”

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