Complimented As The Most Professional Operator Spoken To

‘Really was a busy Monday at work today. We have a plenty of mail outs to send, and I did the packaging since morning. Besides that, the store is having a FREE gift card event with one of the women’s clothing brand. I was occupied giving gift cards to customers and making copies of the transactions. Plus, the phone never gets tired of ringing.

Also, I do event announcement and handling incoming calls. This morning, I transferred a call to my manager. When I was making copies in the secretary’s office, my manager approached and cheerfully told me, “Marly, I got the call for me and he said you are the most professional operator he had spoken to.” I was speechless for a second. A couple of managers and associates were there. They were cheering for me. Oh, it made my day!

It is a big compliment to me and my job. Compliments like this give me credits and additional motivation to work efficiently.

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3 thoughts on “Complimented As The Most Professional Operator Spoken To

  1. Congrats Marl! It’s very self-motivating to do better at work every time you hear positive comments! keep it up!:-)

  2. Congrats for receiving that very pleasant compliment.

    have a great day.

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