Meeting Face To Face At A Distance

Living in high technology today, we experience the advantages of using the computers and Internet. Besides searching helpful information or data, the Internet has been the medium of communication for us all these years.

It is very common to us to communicate everyday and it is very important. But here is a special communication than can be useful not only in the business world but also in educational institutions. I know people in these field need constant contact to one another once in a while. With Internet connection and appropriate devices available, a video conference is the best solution to long distance meetings. It is a convenient type of communication with colleagues and partners.

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Nails Done The Second Time

As part of my grooming and personality development, I went to a nail salon this afternoon together with my friend N. Actually she was the one who invited me to have our nails done. I am not really used to have my nails painted, you know. But I gave it a try again the second time. The first was on my wedding day last year.

It takes an experienced and certified manicurist to do your nails. I cannot really tell if the lady in the salon did a good job on mine. Okay, I should stop ranting. What’s important is I have pretty fingernails now. Who knows I will come back to that salon next time.

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