The Trip To OK

It was great to hear from my cousin Emz again. She called me this morning and we talked over the phone for 45 minutes…almost an hour. Gosh! Emz was excited about their trip to Oklahoma yesterday. Her husband drove all the way back and forth because she does not know how to drive yet. They passed by the bridge over the Red River (Oklahoma-Texas border). I asked if she saw some beautiful scenery along the way to their destination. She said yes.

Boy, just the thought of it makes me want to go there again. It is a long drive but it is fun. I thought of going back to Oklahoma again some time soon.

Anyway, Emz and her husband had the fun of taking pictures at the Welcome Centers of Oklahoma and Texas. They got some souvenirs too. Like me, she likes traveling. I am happy that Emz is getting adjusted to Texas weather and environment.

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