Two Pretty Ladies’ Double Birthday Celebration

Friday night was fun for me and my friend Norie because we had a gathering together with our husbands in a nearby restaurant. It was a double birthday celebration for Norie and me. We had a wonderful dinner with the Italian food we ordered.

Before that, Norie and I was not able to finalize the meeting time so soon because of the conflicting work schedules and we did not know which restaurant to meet. I tried looking at online local yellowpages for few searches. I was searching for local restaurants close to the area we are living in right now. Luckily, I found an Italian restaurant called Olive Garden. We scheduled a dinner at Olive Garden Restaurant since my honey’s Mom and Dad gave us a gift card from Olive Garden on Christmas. So the dinner was set without a problem. It was great to use local search online. It was quick and helpful.

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One thought on “Two Pretty Ladies’ Double Birthday Celebration

  1. Happy Birthday sa inyuhang Norie Mar! Wish you both the best things in life and innermost happiness!:-) Magkitakits unya ta sa sunod okasyon nga naay tapok mar.I’ll keep you posted.HI kng Norie og Steve:-)

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